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    Isaac Spiva was born September 3, 1984 in Joplin, Missouri. He grew up in Southwestern Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. As a child, he remembers his father always listening to ZZ Top, Dire Straits, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Aerosmith. Isaac was raised in a church ever since he was a child. He sang in church choir for about 6 years. Later on, when he started into his teens, Isaac started branching off into many influences in music; Pantera, Helmet, Drowning Pool, Coal Chamber, etc.

    Since he had played guitar and sang when he was younger, around age 13 Isaac decided to learn bass. Learning that it wasn't too different from guitar, he liked it. He continued playing bass for a few years until he met with a few guys who wanted to play the same type of music, so they started a band called The Last Two Fish. He played bass and sang for them until he was 18.

    In 2004, Isaac enlisted in the United States Navy. He worked in the military for about a year not really playing or noticing any local music. Soon after that, he started playing off and on for a band called Project Bliss. He played with them for a few years until the band split due to personal conflicts. Having only a year and a half left in the military until he would be honorably discharged and go home, Isaac took a music hiatus due to deployments and family emergencies.

    In January 2009, Isaac's father passed on to heaven, and in May he was honorably discharged due to Time in Service. Isaac decided to go straight home, and re-establish roots. His first few years at home were rough, coming home in the beginning of a recession, looking for jobs, etc. But Isaac was missing something: his music, his outlet, his roots... what he was raised on.

    In 2011, Isaac met J.J. and Reuben, and they decide to start Bourbon Highway. For Isaac, Bourbon Highway isn't just about playing music again or getting his outlet back, it's a brand new Highway; a new beginning.