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Jon Buckhorn was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on August 21, 1985 to James and Linda Buckhorn.  Jon was raised in church at Victory Chapel with his Uncle Ben and the pastor, Randall Cummings.  Jon became interested in music from listening to his parents sing in church. From there his musical influences expanded to include The Beatles, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, Cliff Burton, and Jason Newsted.

   At age 14, Jon, along with his brother Rod and cousin Reuben, started a gospel band and named themselves Guardian Angel.  While playing with Guardian Angel, Jon played church revivals playing in Oklahoma and New Mexico.

   After two years playing gospel music, Guardian Angel decided to try something new.  Jon, Rod, and Reuben changed their style taking a modern approach on southern rock with a bluesy twist, known today as red-dirt music.

   With a new genre, also came a new name thus Native Circle was born and Guardian Angel was no more.  While playing his new red-dirt band, Native Circle, Jon had the distinct privilege of opening for 90s country great: Confederate Railroad in 2003 and in 2006, Jon and Native Circle opened for legendary red-dirt band Jason Boland and the Stragglers.

   Jon is currently playing with Bourbon Highway but still plays with his original red-dirt/ blues band, Native Circle.  Jon is married to Kristen and has two sons and one daughter.  Jon loves to play country, blues, gospel, and loves to ROCK!