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   Reuben O'field was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma on December 17, 1982 to Michael and Brenda Ofield.  Reuben was raised in his church where his grandfather was the pastor.  This is where music first caught Reuben's attention. His grandfather sang and played the guitar.  When Reuben was 15, he started playing drums in church.  At 17, Reuben and some of his cousins started a gospel band and named themselves Guardian Angel.

   While with Guardian Angel, Reuben's travels took him to New Mexico to play for church revivals.  Two years after the dawn of Guardian Angel, the band decided to take a different approach on their music.  Reuben and the members of Guardian Angel took to blues, country, and rock.  The mix today is known as Red-dirt.  With the change in music genre, it only seemed fitting to change the band's name and thus, Native Circle was born. 

   While with Native Circle, Reuben had the honor of opening for such greats as country/ southern rock icon: Confederate Railroad in 2003 and red-dirt legends: Jason Boland and the Stragglers in 2006. 

   In 2008 Reuben decided to take a break from the music scene, and in 2009 Reuben married his wife Shonda.  Since 2008, Reuben has set in as a side project with a few different bands.  He has also been teaching his daughter to play the drums.  Finally, in 2011, Reuben met JJ Taylor and Issac Spiva and the red-dirt, rebel rock super-group: Bourbon Highway formed.

   Some of Reuben's many influences include: Tommy Lee, Niel Pert, Lars Ulrich, Jason Boland, Stoney LaRue, and Cross Canadian Ragweed.